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Limas AB follow the instruction from the Public Health Agency in Sweden

Stay at home when you are unwell

  • If you feel unwell with cold symptoms, cough or fever, you should try to avoid contact with other people. Do not go to work, school or pre-school. This applies even if you only feel slightly unwell. It is important that you do not risk infecting others.
  • Wash your hands often and carefully.
  • Keep the distance.

Prevention measures that we have decided on:

Business trips

All business trips that are not absolutely necessary are canceled until further notice. Exceptions can be decided by the CEO.

Visit to Limas

Only absolutely necessary visits from suppliers and customers are allowed and the visit must be approved by the CEO. All visitors must be healthy and visitors are required to keep their distance and wash their hands.

The information is constantly updated. Last updated 2021-02-11