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With focus on mankind and environment


During our design and development, our aim is to make both the equipment and the processes environmentally friendly.


In any new design we take into consideration not only energy consumption, raw material utilization, water consumption, pollution and working environment but also ensure that the equipment is simple to clean and requires low maintenance.


A very important step in processing potatoes or other root crops is the peeling. We have chosen to develop mechanical peeling i.e. abrasive peeling or knife peeling. We know that these peeling methods are the best, among other things, for our environment.


With mechanical peeling there is no need to heat or cool the product.

The peeling is water-free, the product only requires rinsing after peeling.


The peel waste is then suitable for animal feed or for production of natural gas. As the peeling is water-free, all nutrients and vitamins remain in the waste.


Peeling involves a product loss. How big the loss is depends on the raw material quality, size and shape, the purpose for which the peeled product is intended and also how much work one is prepared to do at the trimming table.


The product’s movement within the peeler is vitally important to achieve a good yield. All surfaces of the product must come into contact with the peeling medium, such as the carborundum or the knives, as often and as evenly as possible.


LIMAS has various types of peeling machines and there is always one to suit every product type or capacity requirement.

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